Bach Choir Family Concert: Mr. Bach Comes to Call

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Sun, 02/25/2018 - 3:00pm
Baker Hall

What would you ask Johann Sebastian Bach if he popped in on your piano lesson one day? Elizabeth, a 12-year-old piano student in Bethlehem, has that opportunity in the delightful staging of "Mr. Bach Comes to Call." This year's Family Concert treats audiences to a lively blend of topics - from a wig that Mr. Bach call "a nuisance," to the reaction to his composition Saint Matthew Passion in his lifetime (which was less than passionate), to Bach's wish that he had been able finish all the music he felt in his soul. The kinship between Bach and Elizabeth, the connections they forge across the years and - not least - the musical excerpts from more than 20 works, performed by The Bach Choir and the Bach Choir Orchestra make this a family concert that truly offers something for everyone!

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