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Shipping & Mailing Address:

Zoellner Arts Center at Lehigh University
420 East Packer Ave.
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Main Phone Number: 610-758-2787 
Main Fax: 610-758-6537
Admin office hours: M-F 9a-5p

Administrative Office: 610-758-5301
J. Andrew Cassano, Director

Programming: 610-758-5643
Deborah Sacarakis, Artistic Director
Tahya T. Keenan, Programming Assistant

Audience Services
Box Office 610-758-2787, ext. 0  hours
Sandra Anderson, Director of Audience Services
Kevin J. Kirner, Ticket Services and Information Systems Manager
Rose Sandberg, House Manager  610-758-5453

Candi Staurinos, Director of Advertising - 610-758-3414
Lynn Farley, Director of Media & Promotion - 610-758-5425


Education & Outreach: 
Lenore Pitsilos Education & Community Outreach Coordinator - 610-758-5774

Scheduling & Rentals : 610-758-5654
Jennifer Mack, Scheduling & Rentals Manager

Technical Services: 610-758-5892
Joshua Kovar, Production Manager
R. Elizabeth Miller, Assistant Production Manager
Justin Byrnes, Lighting Coordinator
Ponder White, Assistant Lighting Coordinator
Phillip Ingle, Audio Coordinator
Pam Richey, Costume Coordinator
Trevor Flocco, Technical Director
Becky Eshelman, Stage Coordinator

Art Galleries: 610-758-3615 
Dr. William B. Crow, Director

Department of Theatre: 610-758-3640 
Kashi Johnson, Chair
Lehigh University Dept. of  Theatre Website

Music Department: 610-758-3835
Tong Soon Lee, Chair
Lehigh University Music Dept. Website