It's Zoellner Arts Center's 20th Anniversary!

Thank you for joining us at Zoellner Arts Center as we celebrate 20 years of creativity, collaboration and community service. Through artistic programming, educational outreach, lectures, films, masterclasses and workshops, we have been able to build relationships that help preserve local and global cultural history, encourage creation of new work, and encourage the next generation of leaders. The relationships with our loyal supporters and patrons enables us to maximize our resources and positively impact the community beyond our walls. 

This season we are going to celebrate with a variety of artistic expressions. Through song, with superstar Vanessa Williams in concert for Gala2016 and with singers from across the campus and the community joining voices in Lehigh’s Choral Arts programs. We are going to present performances from as far south as Argentina with the powerful dance troupe, Che Malambo, and from as far east as China, with martial and musical artists of Immortal Chi. We are going to be soothed or challenged with the poetry of Nikki Giovanni and other writers on the Notations Series. We are going to delve into the dramatic trials of Tartuffe, Rigoletto and even the Tin Man. Join us by celebrating what you know, whether it's the music of Mahler performed by the Lehigh Philharmonic or Broadway tunes from 42nd Street or by checking out what you may not know, like the music of jazz phenom Joey Alexander or the magical world of The Illusionists.

We appreciate being able to share our programs with you and we appreciate you sharing your time with us.